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Welcome to join us! Share your ideas and get inspired. One thing is guaranteed - you will definitely get closer to technology. We offer our members trendspotting, presentations from thought leaders and relevant companies, collaborations and the possibility to learn more about Tech in a serie of inspiring events where members share their thoughts on how to be successful.
All for free! 

Our international network is for everyone working as CMO, innovation director or similar. Like-minded people who are interested in exploring trends and technology in order to identify how marketing and technology meets for an improved customer experience.

The network was founded by Gül Heper and Cecilia Hjertzell in November 2017. 

Today the network consists of: + 400 CMO/CDO/Head of communication from over 10 different countries

We believe in the death of the traditional CMO and that a new breed is emerging - CMO goes Tech.  Is it you?

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