CMO goes TECH - An International network for the CMOs of the future.

Our international network is for everyone working as CMO, innovation director or similar. Like-minded people who are interested in exploring trends and technology in order to identify how marketing and technology meets for an improved customer experience.

The network was founded by Gül Heper and Cecilia Hjertzell in November 2017. 

We offer our members trendspotting, presentations from thought leaders and relevant companies, collaborations and the possibility to learn more about Tech in a serie of inspiring events where members share their thoughts on how to be successful.

Today the network consists of:+ 600 CMO/CDO/Head of communication from over 10 different countries

Our manifesto
In an ever-changing world, the need for new competences emerge. Traditional marketing is being abandoned for a more consumer focused brand experience covering everything from product innovation, digital development to content with a specific purpose.

Omnichannel will become less focused on devices in the future and customer journeys have to include all aspects of needs from systems, communication to products in order to offer a better consumer experience.
Digital transformation covering innovation and increased customer satisfaction requires not only organisational readiness but also the right competencies.

A more holistic view is needed to understand how to identify the best customer experience and to differentiate in a competitive global market. The fact that Commercial and IT departments are often still divided and that they don’t share a common perspective worsen the situation. Companies focusing in a more holistic perspective whilst breaking down the barriers between departments and that invite competent employees with a broad background or understanding from “both sides” to drive innovation and brand experience will outperform the traditional peers.

The outcome is a situation which offers the modern CMO broader and more exciting business responsibility as being the bridge between commercial and IT in addition to being a strong asset to the top management. Increased customer engagement and revenue will follow as a result.

We believe in the death of the traditional CMO and that a new breed is emerging - CMO goes Tech.

Is it you? Welcome to join us!

Share your ideas and get inspired. One thing is guaranteed - you will definitely get closer to technology.

Gül Heper & Cecilia Hjertzell

What a great event! I’m really inspired and there is so much to do :-) Thank you so much, looking forward to September!
— CRM Manager, Travel Industry