Let us present next meetup keynote - Marie Andervin from DigJourney

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How to understand and leverage waves of change

Is it difficult to gather around new digital initiatives? Do you feel that the rest of the company does not understand or see the digital business opportunities? Do you have difficulty getting acceptance and the organization's involvement?

One effect of digitalization is that areas previously seen as separate must be integrated or brought closer together. One reason is that customers do not move linearly. Rather, they take many side trips on their journey towards a purchase and usage. Another is that changes in the outside world now move much faster, and this requires increased cooperation within the organization to keep up with developments. 

CMO goes TECH have invited Marie Andervin, Digital transformation enabler from DigJourney and author of the bestselling book Leading Digital Transformation (Att leda digital transformation) , to guide us with an exercise with the purpose to tear down walls, increase the cooperation between departments and increase the digital maturity in your organization.

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About Marie Andervin

Marie believes that knowledge about digitalization's business opportunities in a fast-moving world must increase to ensure competitiveness. Her vision of digital as a natural part of corporate and individual life is a guiding principle in Marie's work on digitalization. Marie has a background as an entrepreneur and management consultant, and is a well-known educator in digital transformation. She is the co-founder of DigJourney, which works in the area of digital transformation to instill belief in the future and encourage the development of individuals, organizations and society. She also works on a number of executive and advisory boards.