Summary of the last Meet up focusing on AI & Cybersecurity - November 21st.

Are you prepared or even aware? That was one of the main reflections from tonights 4th CMO goes TECH meet up focusing on AI and Cyber security.
We had an amazing line up of Cyber security experts that sparked the interested amongst our members and also made us all review our own situation when it comes to both business and private matters.

Many thanks to Thom Thavenius, Enkeleda Ibrahimi and Christopher Neitzert. And a special thanks to Capgemini and Martin Edenström, PMP for hosting us and giving us insights on the future organisational structure of the marketing departments

A special thanks to our attending Dear Members and Good luck. Remember that you can always reach out to everyone in our network for support!

View the presentations from CMO goes TECH, Thom Thavenius, Enkeleda Ibrahimi and Chris Neitzert.

View the presentation from Martin Edenström/Capgemini.

4th CMO goes TECH meet up - AI & Cyber security

On request we give you AI - part II. We believe it is important that we continue to be a strong force within digital development, as it will put more demands on democratic and ethical AI, an area where Sweden has been an international spokesperson. This evening will be all about how to become prepared when it comes to cyber security.

Speakers and moderators - the best within their field: Thom Thavenius, Deputy CEO EyeOnID, Enkeleda Ibrahimi, Cybersecurity Expert and Christopher Neitzert, Four time unicorn manager!


Please make sure to be at Capgemini 15-20 minutes before it starts since you will be brought up to the 6th floor.

17.00 Welcome to the third CMO goes Tech -meetup. The founders of CMO goes Tech, Gül Heper and Cecilia Hjertzell, will kick off the event with some updates and trends.

17.30 Digital innovation and AI – opportunity or threat for product development? – Thom Thavenius, Deputy CEO EyeOnID
With technical and digital innovation driving market and product development, are we forgetting to correctly assess the integrated risks for our present and future clients? Thom Thavenius will discuss risk exposure in the age of buzz words like  Agility  and AI seen from the perspective of market and product development within organized crime. Thom will share his reflections on this based on experience from over 20 years of service in the Swedish intelligence and Security Agencies and the private risk advisory industry.

17.45 What a CMO/CDO Needs to Know About Cybersecurity – Enkeleda Ibrahimi, Cybersecurity Expert
With cyber risks that have arisen with AI, cyber security has become a top priority for many companies. A CMO/CDO can contribute strongly to a more secure organisation. Enkeleda will give you guidance on how to consider cyber risks in order to ensure a secure and ethical customer experience.

18.00 Panel discussion with the presenters led by Christopher Neitzert, Four time unicorn manager!

18.15 Time for mingle and to get to know your network and presenters.

Thank you Capgemini and Martin Edenström for hosting CMO goes TECH.

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