The third meet up where brilliant minds got together to drive Innovation!

A full house with brilliant minds at Swedma, our host for the evening. An evening dedicated to innovation. The idea was to let our members inspire each other to drive innovation within more or less complicated organizations that need support to take that big step forward.
We heard so many great ideas during the evening and many contacts where made.

A big thank you to everyone who came and a special thanks to our host Malin Anglert at Swedma and our main presenter Marie Andervin from DigJourney.

See you at the next event in November and please make sure to invite likeminded to the network.

Cecilia & Gül

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Yet another reached milestone! Over 300 international members

It felt like yesterday that we reached 200 members. We are now 300 likeminded and inspired members from all over the world.

Help us reach more!
Don’t miss our competition with great prizes for the person who helps us recruit the most new members. Invite your likeminded friends and Colleagues to sign up on this website - they will be able to mention who invited them.

We will draw the winner in October!
1st prize: Free workshop session (2 hours) with Cecilia and Gül on the topic of marketing and technology.
2nd prize: – a special CMO goes TECH signed edition of the recently released book  How to fix the future by Andrew Keen.


CMO goes TECH are expanding - help us and win great prices

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It started as an important and needed “side project” for Cecilia and me. We couldn’t find a network to support us when it comes the future role of the CMO so we started the international network CMO goes TECH in December 2017.

We are now ready to take the next step – to launch CMO goes TECH globally and we need your support to make it possible.

Make sure you're signed up on our website and then help us recruit new members by making them sign up on the same site. New members can mention who recruited them during the signup process.

The persons who have recruited most new members by October 1st, 2018 will be awarded with:
1st prize: Free workshop session (2 hours) with Cecilia and Gül on the topic of marketing and technology.
2nd prize: The recently released book – and a special CMO goes TECH signed edition!  -
How to fix the future by Andrew Keen. Author, journalist, entrepreneur and founder of Futurecast.
Andrew is a well-known commentator on the digital revolution. He is the author of four books and an executive director of the Silicon Valley innovation salon FutureCast, the host of the Internet chat show “Keen On,” and a senior fellow at CALinnovates.

About CMO goes TECH
Our international network is for everyone working as CMO, innovation director or similar. Like-minded people who are interested in exploring trends and technology that are most likely to affect marketing ahead. We encourage our members to share their ideas and get inspired in return. And it is free for our members!

We aim to have international meet ups focusing on relevant topics you decide upon, support and knowledge exchange from other members, collaborations, recruitment possibilities and much more. If you believe this is the right way forward, please invite the best persons around who have an interest in the network – friends and colleagues.


Great to see so many tech curious members at the last meetup!


Thank you all for coming and contributing to a great meetup focusing on AI and IoT. We hope you enjoyed the program.
A special thanks to our presenters: Anna Nordell - Sana Lab, Paul Ahlgren - Amazon, Pernilla Jonsson & Rebecka Cedering Ångström - Ericsson Consumer Lab, and Helena Forsmark, IOT Sweden.

We are glad to share the following presentations with you.

We aim to have the next meetup in September and as always, we would like to know what you are interested in learning more about. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Take care and see you in September!

Cecilia and Gül


A new International network - CMO goes TECH


We, Cecilia Hjertzell and Gül Heper are now creating a network with like-minded and we will begin by inviting you to a first after work on February 1st, 2018 in Stockholm.
Save the date and we will get back to you regarding the location

We would love to hear your ideas regarding what kind of presentations, networking, knowledge sharing and experiences you seek. One thing is guaranteed - you will definitely get closer to technology. Please feel free to invite more like-minded.

So who are we?
Cecilia Hjertzell, is a renowned strategist, brand expert, and martech consultant. An entrepreneur and a devoted giver, passionate about the network society and sustainable tech.
Gül Heper, brand & digital strategist at HiQ, innovator and entrepreneur has for the past seventeen years held several international management positions for premium brands at Absolut Vodka, Nespresso, HTL hotels, Manolo Blahnik and Scandic Hotels. She is also an international presenter focusing on how to build brands for the future, digitalisation and driving innovation.